About Us

COMERCIAL DISTRIBUIDORA ARIANA S.A.C is a textile company dedicated to the production and export of high quality garments, founded in July 2005 with the primary purpose of providing personalized and exclusive customer service supplier.


The efficient production format specially implemented in our company, allows us to serve both small and large productions with optimal speed and high quality standard according to the requirement of our customers in the different markets we are.


Our garments are manufactured with 100% knitted cotton and soft blends, we mix on our garments different fabric formats like with andean textile, wool and woven; giving to our product a great finishing and hand feel.


Our company is at the forefront of fashion, in constant process of innovation based on market trends about yarns, knits, fabrics, dying, printing, handmade and machine embroideries, embellishment and laundry effects.


COMERCIAL DISTRIBUIDORA ARIANA S.A.C works every day to provide with real participation in the national industry with product development, providing jobs and contributing with our Peruvian export offer for the whole world.